How to Get Rid of Eyestrain

How to Get Rid of Eyestrain

How to Get Rid of Eyestrain

Many people believe that prolonged use of cell phones or IPAD and other electronic products will cause permanent damage to the eyes this is not based on science! Because the act of using electronic products does not hurt the eyes, what hurts the eyes is how they are used!

Is blue light from electronic products harmful?

Theoretically, blue light has a short wavelength and high energy, which can penetrate the cornea and lens, thus causing damage to the retina at the bottom of the eye. However, there is a strong relationship between this harm and the dose. In the case of cell phone monitors that we come into contact with daily, it is unlikely that they will cause damage to the retina at the bottom of the eye.

Eye discomfort and myopia caused by the use of electronic products are due to the prolonged concentration on electronic products, which significantly reduces the number of blinks, a phenomenon known as "blinking" in medicine. This phenomenon is known as "blinking" in medicine. Prolonged "forgetting to blink" will lead to an increase in tear evaporation and a decrease in the stability of the tear film, which may lead to dry eyes, visual fatigue, and other diseases.

It should be emphasized that not only watching electronic products but also any prolonged close-up use of the eyes can lead to dry eyes and visual fatigue.

how to get rid of eye strain

Ways to relieve eye fatigue

  • Eye spa

Take one handkerchief and dip it into warm water and another into cold water. Put the hot handkerchief on your eyes for 1~2 minutes, then switch to the cold handkerchief and put it in the same position for 1~2 minutes. This will not only keep the outside of your eyes moist, but it is also a kind of eye spa that utilizes different temperatures to relieve the tension in the muscles around your eyes. At the end of the spa can also take the soybean size eye cream in the eyes around the massage until completely absorbed.

  • Turning the eyeballs

If you stare at the computer or cell phone for a long time, the muscles responsible for regulating the focus of the eyes will be fatigued, in this case, we recommend that you immediately close your eyes and quickly open them after a few seconds. Turn your head up, down, left, and right in four directions in turn, while your eyes turn with it. Usually, it is 2~3 times to relieve the fatigue, of course, you can also adjust the number of cycles according to your situation.

  • Rapid blinking

When you feel some slight discomfort in your glasses, you can tilt your head back and keep blinking. This action will allow oxygen to moisturize your cornea and can stimulate tear secretion to improve your vision.

  •  Look away and look up

Look away for 3 minutes, then look at the palm of your hand for 1-2 minutes, then look away again. This action allows your eyes to experience different light sources instead of a single bright light from various screens. It is important to note that looking too far away is ineffective; look up at the ceiling or back at the wall at the other end of the room.

 ways to eliminate eye strain

How to reduce the damage of electronic products on the eyes?

  • Adjust the brightness of the electronic screen

Daily in the use of electronic products can use eye protection mode, generally by increasing the yellow tone, and reducing the amount of blue light, thus reducing the possible harm of blue light to the eyes, while the screen will appear a little yellow, and looks softer. Try to ensure that both eyes are at the same distance when watching the electronic screen.

  •  Increase the frequency of breaks

Long-term indoors, are easy to cause eyesight because of a variety of closer objects blocking, can not let the eyes of the muscles through the vision of the distance to get relaxation, long-term eyes will feel very tired. You can take breaks by using the 20-20-20 principle, which means that if you use your eyes for 20 minutes at a time, look 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. If you have enough time and energy, you can choose to go out and exercise to relieve the fatigue.

  • Wear anti-blue light glasses

If you have a job that requires you to work with electronics for long periods of time, we recommend that you get a pair of anti-blue light glasses. You can prioritize the Digital protection lenses of the NextPair eyewear, which are very effective in protecting your eyes!

reducing eye damage from electronic screens

Although technological advances have changed everyone's life as time goes by, using them wisely will allow you to enjoy the convenience of technology for a longer period of time.

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