Our Story

Next Pair was created by a team of Asians that have spent many years in different countries all around the globe and had to buy a bunch of glasses every time they flew home.

Living abroad, we found buying a comfortable and affordable pair of glasses impossible. Standard fit means glasses sliding down our faces, and leaving marks on our cheekbones. It was also hard to find thin and light lenses to fit our stronger prescriptions. $300 later, I had to wait for my glasses for 3 weeks, to find that the prescription didn't fit me well, but I couldn't return or do anything about it.

So we thought why not make an alternative fit the standard fit?

All Next Pair frames are designed ergonomically to fit Asian faces comfortably - raised nose bridge, curved temples, better lens angle, and distance, using Japanese Titanium and Switzerland EMS for design and lightweight, and we try to be creative in the details. In addition, Next Pair provides only aspherical lenses, the most suitable design for Asian faces, and gives original vision without distortion. And we provide a range of refractive indices up to 1.74, to give a lighter and thinner choice for stronger prescriptions, which would be reimbursable by vision care.

Next Pair founders have been in the eyewear industry for 15 years, so by combining our lens factory and asking luxury brand factories to manufacture our in-house designs, we can provide the best quality without any middleman costs. We have our production center where each pair can be produced and inspected individually at quality assurance 50% higher than the FDA prescription standards.

As we fully know the problems when it comes to adapting to a new prescription, we provide a 15-day free try-on period for all Next Pairs, just in case you find anything uncomfortable, or you just don't like them.

NextPair——Created in the heart of Asia to help Asians around the world.


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