What are Asian fit glasses?

What are Asian fit glasses?

Asian fit glasses, also known as alternative fit or low bridge fit, are eyewear specially designed for individuals with facial features that may not be well-suited for traditional glasses. These glasses are tailored to provide a more comfortable and secure fit for people with flatter nose bridges, higher cheekbones, and wider face shapes, which are more commonly found among people of Asian descent.

It's important to note that Asian fit glasses are not exclusively for people of Asian descent. Anyone with facial features that make traditional glasses uncomfortable or ill-fitting can benefit from this type of eyewear.

What are some common characteristics of Asian fit glasses?

Asian-fit glasses are designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit for people with facial features that differ from the typical Western or European facial structure. Some common characteristics of Asian-fit glasses include:

  • Nose pads: Asian-fit glasses have adjustable nose pads that are designed to fit the flatter bridges of Asian noses.
  • Frame shape: Asian-fit glasses often have a rounder frame shape to accommodate the curvature of Asian faces.
  • Frame height: Asian-fit glasses have a taller frame height to prevent the glasses from slipping down on flatter nose bridges.
  • Temple length: The temple length of Asian-fit glasses is often shorter to fit the smaller head size of many Asian people.

By understanding these characteristics, you can more easily identify glasses that are designed to fit well on Asian faces. It's important to note that not all glasses marketed as "Asian-fit" will necessarily have all of these features, so it's still important to try on glasses to ensure a proper fit.


Who are ‘Asian fit’ glasses for?

"Asian fit" glasses are designed specifically for people with facial features that differ from Western or European facial structures. This can include individuals of Asian descent, but it is not limited to this group.

The term "Asian fit" refers to glasses that are designed with certain features that cater to those with flatter nose bridges and higher cheekbones, which are common among people of Asian descent. These glasses often have nose pads positioned closer together, allowing for a better fit on a flatter nose bridge. They may also have a lower nose pad angle and frame curvature to prevent the glasses from sliding down the nose.

 Why Choose NextPair eyewear?

While studying and living in the US, the founder noticed that people with Asian facial features often struggle to find suitable eyeglasses. Eyeglasses sold by American shops or optical centers tend to slip down from the cheekbones and are generally uncomfortable to wear. Moreover, the high prices of eyeglasses make them unaffordable for some students.

As a solution to these issues, the founder established NextPair after returning to China. NextPair not only provides Asian fit glasses for people with facial features that differ from the typical Western or European facial structure but also offers affordable prices.

 NextPair designed for asian fit glasses

  • Raised nose bridge: Raised nose bridge is designed at 12-13mm, so you don’t have to constantly push up your frame.
  • Curved temples: Curved temples that grip around your head just right so that you will not feel your head tightened by temples.
  • 360°adjustable nose pads:360°adjustable nose pads, you can easily adjust your nose pads to fit your nose, which will make you feel comfortable wearing eyeglasses and also will not hurt your nose, for your perfect fit.

If you're having trouble finding eyeglasses that fit well, you may want to try "Asian fit" glasses (also known as low bridge fit glasses). This type of eyeglasses can help solve problems such as slipping down from your cheekbones. By trying Asian-fit glasses, you can give yourself a new look while also enjoying comfortable and secure eyewear.

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