Progressives Lenses

See clearly at all distances, in the same lens.

Near and far visual areas designed for a natural transition provide a comfortable view at all times, reducing fatigue and eye pressure, for long lasting vision health.

How to customize your Progressives glasses

  • Step 1: Choose preferred frame
  • Step 2: Add prescription or no-prescription
  • Step 3: Choose Progressives Lens
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Frequently Asked

Choosing a lens

We understand that your eyes need to adjust to different environments in different situations, so we provide optional upgrades for different needs throughout the day:

- Digital protection

For those of you who just cannot live without your smartphone (count me in), or sit 8 hours in front of the PC every day, our digital protection lens is for you. This lens filters out the harmful blue light and radiation coming from digital screens, sooths digital eye strain, and protects your vision.

- Light-adjusting

All glasses-wearers have been in this situation – it’s a sunny day and you walk outside, immediately blinded by the sun glare, and while your companions can just put on their sunglasses, you need to fiddle and change your prescription glasses into a pair of prescription sunwear. The hassle of two pairs can be eliminated with our light-adjusting lenses, which change in colour according to the strength of UV detected. Under strong sunlight, the lens will turn dark, and indoors, clear again.

- Prescription sunwear

Who said sunwear was only for the non-vision-impared? With our prescription sun-lenses, you can easily and comfortably reduce sun glare when driving, or just a walk out on a sunny day, even enjoy those holidays on the beach.
Other preferences

- Lens thickness - varies with refractive index. Our standard lenses are 1.60 polycarbonate, but we do offer higher index lenses, 1.67, options for users with a higher prescription. We recommend the 1.60 as a good value for quality for prescriptions under ±4.00D, and the 1.67 option for users who have a higher prescription, or those who simply want a thinner a lighter lens.

- If you have a really high prescription of over ±7.00, and the 1.67 is still not light enough, feel free to contact our customer service, and they will be happy to discuss options that can be tailored to fit just your needs.

What if my frames don’t fit well?

If your frames don’t sit on your face well, it may be that each frame needs minor adjusting. If you don’t like the style, you can easily exchange the design. Either the case, our customer service is happy to assist.

How do I choose the best frame for myself?

The one you like the most, usually suits you best! However, if you are between a few frames, you can take a look at our face shape guide (above) to find a shape that fits your face well.

Do you have virtual try-on?

While we do not have virtual try-on for frames; however, we do provide a ‘home trial’ – that is you can fit your frame and lens according to your prescription, and then decide to keep or return the pair within 15 days of receiving.

What is a PD?

Your pupillary distance is the distance between your left and right pupil. This information is crucial to fit your lens into your frame.

Do you offer progressive lenses?

Yes, if you have a progressive prescription, you can select multifocal lenses on the lens selection page, and we will fit your lenses according to your progressive prescription.

Can I use my prescription for sunglasses?

Yes, as long as it is a valid prescription, you can use it to purchase sunwear, just choose the ‘sunglasses’ option when selecting a lens.

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