• Free Shipping and Returns
    We provide free delivery service,and all returns on NextPair brand products are free.
  • 15 days Try on
    Just to make sure you’re happy, we provide a 15-day try-on period, during which you can choose to keep or return your glasses, free of charge.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    This policy covers any issues resulting from manufacturing defects, including both lens and frame, where we will repair your product free of charge.
  • Insurance reimbursable
    You can use an FSA or HSA to purchase prescription glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and eye exams.
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NextPair | Eyewear designed for Asians.

Why NextPair?


Far from your ordinary metal, Titanium is commonly used in aerospace and medical decives. A strong and durable, and anti-allergic material.

Lenses included

all NextPair prices include quality frames in Titanium of TR90, and aspheric prescription lenses. Experience comfort with no strings attached.

15 day trial

Try on both lens and frame for free. NextPair offers a free 15-day try-on, of the whole experience, not only the style, but more importantly lens comfort.

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Listen to What Our NextPair Users Have to Say

I tried on the 1.74 lenses here and found them to be of perfect quality and at a very reasonable price.


It feels better than the one I matched in the optical store. The price is also favorable. Very satisfied!


This is the third pair of glasses I got from NextPair. The frame is light and the lenses are clear.


The width of the frame is also particularly suitable for Asian faces, and will not easily slip off the nose.


I wasn't sure what to expect when buying glasses online, but these glasses are perfect!:D


These glasses are very lightweight and looks durable. I expect to wear them daily as my main pair.


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Luxury without labels

NextPair Factory (Distributor - Wholesale - Retail) Customers

Retail prices for prescription glasses are usually 8 to 15 times the production value at factory, that is the customer needs to cover the costs to holdstock, retail costs and add-ons... NextPair designs and selects luxury-grade factories to manufacture eyeglasses without any middleman. So you can enjoy luxury quality eyewear at factory price.