A Brief History of Eyeglasses

A Brief History of Eyeglasses

A Brief History of Eyeglasses

The development of eyeglasses, an important tool for correcting the vision of today's generation, has taken place over a long period of time and is the result of the clash of cultures and the wisdom of mankind's history. Let's take a look through this fascinating history and see what eyeglasses really looked like in the past.

The origin of eyeglasses

The ancient Romans and ancient Greeks utilized glass to magnify objects with evidence of their use dating back to the 5th century BC. Unfortunately, they did not think of utilizing these lenses to correct their vision. Then in the 9th century, a scientist from Arabia, Al-Kindi, wrote about using lenses to improve vision.

a brief history of the origin of eyeglasses

The invention of eyeglasses

During the 13th century, the first wearable eyeglasses in history appeared. It is supposed to have been invented in Italy by an unknown maker and consisted of two convex lenses set in a frame that could be balanced on the nose. Since then, eyeglasses have been produced on a small scale in Italy and the first association of eyeglass makers was founded in Venice.


The phase of rapid development

After centuries of silence, a London optometrist named Edward Scarlet invented rigid temples that fit over the ears. This improvement made it easier for people to use their glasses with their hands occupied and further optimized the function of the glasses. Glass and metalwork continued to evolve, with lenses and frames becoming lighter and lighter. Nevertheless, spectacles were still a "luxury" item, reserved for the nobility.

Fast forward to 1784, a year that cannot be ignored: Benjamin Franklin! Not only was he a founding father of the United States he also invented the focal lens, which can be made into a pair of eyeglasses that corrects both myopia and presbyopia, improving comfort and convenience for the user. And with bifocal technology still being used today, this invention and innovation are truly amazing.

In spite of technological breakthroughs, most eyeglasses were still handmade and failed to meet the needs of most people at the same time. However, the ensuing industrial revolution immediately solved this dilemma, and even though eyeglasses were still costly, it was possible to fulfill the needs of some people for eyeglasses.

overview of the spectacle development process

Fusion of innovation and fashion

As production techniques became more sophisticated, in the 19th century eyeglass manufacturers focused on improving the style and functionality of their glasses. A wide variety of frames were gradually introduced to the market to meet different purchasing needs.

In the 1980s, plastic lenses were finally introduced, which were not only slim and stable but also improved the safety of eyeglasses when in use. Nowadays, the function of eyeglasses doesn't just stay on correcting vision but also customize exclusive lenses according to personal choice.

The accessory you wear for 18 hours each day carries has evolved for nearly two thousand years, a crystallization of wisdom and the testimony of innovative technology. If you wish to learn more, visit NextPair.

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