Can Non-Asians Wear Asian Fit Glasses?

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Can Non-Asians Wear Asian Fit Glasses?

The short answer to this question is: Yes, absolutely! 

Anyone who needs low-bridge fit glasses, regardless of ethnic background, can wear them. If that’s the case, you may wonder what are Asian Fit glasses and why they are called this way. We will address these questions in this article!

Why are Asian Fit glasses named this way?

Asian Fit glasses are tailored to fit faces of high cheekbones, a lower nose bridge, and a rounder head. These are often considered to be typical characteristics of a person of Asian descent, which explains the name.

Asian fit glasses are often fitted with higher index lenses. Such lenses remain thin even with stronger prescriptions which, again, are especially common among Asians. The supply of high index lenses is much larger in Asia than in other parts of the world, making glasses with high index lenses more expensive and less accessible in Europe or the US.

The term ‘Asian Fit’ is also easier to understand than any single characteristic such as ‘low-bridge fit’ or ‘strong prescription’ and hence the broader classification name.

Who should wear Asian Fit glasses?

Asians and... anyone with similar facial features! Asian Fit glasses are definitely not limited to people of Asian descent. They should be worn by all people who experience the same problems wearing standard fit glasses, as people of Asian descent.

We prepared a list that can help you determine if Asian fit is for you.

If you have:

  • High cheekbones
  • Low nose bridge
  • Small/medium, broad nose
  • High eyebrows
  • Rounder (in contrast to deeper) head
  • Prescriptions of over±4.00D

You will probably experience daily:

  • Glasses sitting on your cheeks
  • Glasses sliding down your nose
  • Thick and heavy lenses
  • Nose pads leaving a mark on your nose
  • Glasses tight around the head, especially around the ear area

Then you may find it more comfortable wearing a pair of glasses in ‘Asian Fit’.

If this sounds like you, consider having a look at our selection of Asian Fit glasses. Get yourself a pair that fit from a brand that specializes in Asian Fit. We have15+ years of industry experience, owning lens factories in China. Luxury quality starting at $78 without a middleman to bump up the cost. 

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