Why Do My Glasses Touch My Cheeks?

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Why Do My Glasses Touch My Cheeks?

Glasses touching the cheeks is a common problem. Millions of people around the world get annoyed by this affliction daily. In this article, we will explain why it happens. And finally show how to solve this problem once and for all.

Why does this happen?

Glasses rest on your cheeks because they don’t fit your nose bridge. It’s especially common for those who have a smaller nose with a lower nose bridge. If that’s you, it’s likely you will feel the bottom of your glasses touch your cheeks when you smile.

Are glasses supposed to sit on your cheeks?

No, glasses are not supposed to sit on your cheeks. Many of us wear eyeglasses every day. They should be, above all, comfortable. The place where the glasses should sit is on your nose and not your cheeks.

How do I keep my glasses from resting on my cheeks?

You should not need to suffer daily from glasses touching your cheeks and pushing them up constantly. You should purchase glasses that will have their nose pads raised by 2-3mm compared to the standard fit. A raised nose pad for lower nose bridges should ideally be 11-13 mm high.

If you’re looking for glasses with raised nose pads, consider our Asian Fit glasses. We’re helping Asians find a comfortable and affordable pair of glasses, regardless of where they live globally.

NextPair’s Asian Fit glasses have nose pads raised to 11-13mm, depending on the design. They fit well on a lower nose bridge. Some are even designed adjustable for extra comfort.

In addition, the temples are curved to fit a rounder head rather than a narrower one. It provides comfort but friction at the same time, further avoiding glasses sliding down.

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