The Secret of Prescription Sunglasses

The Secret of Prescription Sunglasses

The Secret of Prescription Sunglasses

During the blazing summer months, prescription sunglasses are an essential summer item for those with myopia. However, many people are familiar with the term prescription sunglasses but do not understand their function. This article will introduce you to prescription sunglasses in detail.

What are prescription sunglasses?

First of all, l we should clarify what prescription sunglasses are. Simply put, they are sunglasses with prescription lenses. The major difference between prescription sunglasses and prescription glasses is their practicality. A pair of prescription sunglasses can solve the problem of correcting your vision and Provide UV protection during your travels. If you are nearsighted and need to stay out in the sun for long periods, we suggest you try a pair of prescription sunglasses.


Can I put prescription lenses in my sunglasses?

Most types of sunglasses on the market can accommodate prescription lenses if your frames are of excellent quality. It is worth noting that plastic frames can pose a safety hazard, probably because sunglasses are mostly used in the blazing sun, and it is not uncommon for plastic frames to break over time as a result of deterioration.

Of course, if you are unsure of the quality and type of sunglasses and whether they can hold prescription lenses, you can take them to a professional for testing. You will likely receive more accurate advice.

What are the advantages of prescription sunglasses

  • Vision correction

Prescription sunglasses have lenses that correct your vision, so whether your eyes are nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic, they are a helpful solution to your vision correction needs in the blazing sun.

  • Protection from UV rays

Back to the sunglasses proper, they protect your eyes from UV rays, especially UVA and UVB rays from the sun, which can accelerate the aging of the lens and eventually lead to cataracts.

  • Comfort and convenience

A pair of prescription sunglasses can save you from having to carry multiple pairs of glasses when you travel, as they are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to carry.


How to order prescription sunglasses online?

After choosing your preferred frame it's time to move on to selecting your lenses. The steps to choosing prescription shades are quite simple, using the NextPair dispensing process as an example:


Step 1: Choose the range of correction.

If you need flat lenses, you can click on the option that does not need a prescription and the system will jump directly to the checkout screen, which is very convenient. Of course, you can also choose the prescription lenses that are suitable for you according to your corrective prescription.


Choose the range of correction

Step 2: Choose the type of function of the lenses.

In this step, you can choose the type of lenses you want. Sun-lens are suitable for people who can refer to prescription sunglasses. Digital protection lenses are suitable for office workers who are exposed to a lot of electronic screens and can effectively reduce the damage caused by harmful blue waves to the eyes. For people who alternate between indoor and outdoor activities, Light-adjusting lenses can change color with the intensity of UV rays to meet your eyewear needs for different scenarios.

Choose the type of function of the lenses

Step 3: Choose the refractive index of your lenses.

The higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens thickness for the same degree. But it doesn't mean that you are unconditionally choosing lenses with a high refractive index and everything will be fine. What suits you is the best.

 Choose the refractive index of your lenses

Step 4: Upload or manually fill your prescription order.

Simply choose whichever way you find most easy to do this. And once you have completed this step you can proceed to the checkout, isn't it very convenient?

 uploading or manually filling your prescription order


Does vsp cover prescription sunglasses?

Before placing an order for prescription sunglasses, many people may wonder if they are covered by insurance. To be honest, typically only larger insurance companies such as VSP and NVA are more reliable. However, if you want to use an FSA or HSA, it is possible and the reimbursement process is very convenient. For more information, please refer to your insurance provider or FSA/HSA guidelines.

Where can I get prescription sunglasses

This online shop caters specifically to Asians with styles and colors that are simple, yet elegant and suitable for all ages. Their range of lenses is complete, including customized prescription sunglasses, light-adjusting lenses, digital protection light lenses, and everyday wear lenses, with a choice of Essilor and Zeiss lenses with different refractive indices. The comfort and lightness of their products are excellent.


  • eyebobs

This is a great choice for those who like exaggerated styles, with different bright colors that clash together to make them very bright and eye-catching, and for those with presbyopia over 40, try their glasses for a refreshing change.

It's an eyewear shop that people who like big frames will be very delighted to discover. We believe that youths can find the desired eyewear here that is chic and individual.


  • Cliclime

It's an eyewear shop that people who like big frames will be very delighted to discover. We believe that youths can find the desired eyewear here that is chic and individual.


That's the whole secret of prescription sunglasses! I'm positive you'll have a renewed appreciation for prescription sunglasses after reading them carefully because they are that handy and practical. In other words, prescription sunglasses are a perfect gift for your friends, family,  and loved ones as well as yourself.



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