How to prevent eyeglasses from leaving marks on your nose

How to prevent eyeglasses from leaving marks on your nose

How to prevent eyeglasses from leaving marks on your nose

As an eyeglass wearer, we're sure many of you notice red marks left on your nose bridge when you take off your eyeglasses. Not only can this impact your appearance, it is often uncomfortable and painful. In this article, we look into the reason this happens and share some tips to avoid this dilemma.

Why do eyeglasses leave marks?

Properly fitting eyeglasses should not leave any marks on your face. If you are experiencing sore skin or marks when wearing glasses, check your glasses for the following situations-
  • Eyeglass being too heavy

Certain frame materials or strong prescription lenses can be thick and heavy, which puts pressure on the nose bridge that is giving support. Another reason may be uneven weight distribution on the two sides, which may be due to a large difference in your prescription, or an uneven adjustment of your nose pads.
  • Eyeglass nose pads don’t fit

The nose pads that contact your nose bridge are the structure that gives support to most of the weight of your glasses. If the size or position of your nose pad is not suitable for your nose bridge, weight enforced by the glasses and daily movement will leave pressure marks-a sign of obstructed blood circulation on the surface skin. Common unsuitable nose pads are usually because of their height and size. If the nose pads are too high, then the pressure enforced will be too large; if the nose pads are too low, then the pressure enforced will be uneven. If the size or material of the nose pad is too small or too hard, it will also lead to discomfort and pressure marks.
  • Eyeglass material allergy

Metals are commonly used in the production and design of eyeglass frames. If you feel that your ears or the side of your face is sore or red, it is worthwhile to take an allergy check and avoid a similar material design when choosing glasses frames.

eyeglasses leave visible marks on the bridge of the nose

How do you prevent eyeglasses from hurting the skin of the nose?

1. Choose lightweight eyeglasses

When choosing a frame, choose titanium over other metals, and TR90 or Utem over acetate, which will be notably lighter than other frame materials.

When choosing your lens, choose a relatively higher refractive index, which can be up to 50% thinner and lighter for the same prescription.

2. Choose the right height for nose pads

The height of nose pads is one of the most important differences in the fit of frames. Most ‘standard fit’ frames are designed for Caucasian ethics, who often have high nose bridge and deep eye socket facial features. However, for Asians, wearing this ‘standard fit’ will lead to glasses constantly sliding down your nose, being tight around your head, with sore nose bridge and ears. For Asians, it is worth considering Asian Fit eyewear, which has elevated nose pads.

3. Choose an anti-allergic material

In addition to considering the design of a frame, it is also worth choosing an anti-allergic material that is easy on your skin, such as titanium (pure and β) which is IP-plated. Even if you are not notably allergic to a certain type of material, it is also wise to avoid those metals that are prone to allergies on the skin, for example, Nikel, as the time of contact with your glasses frame can be up to 18 hours a day.

a way to prevent glasses from marking your nose

NextPair Eyewear Solutions

All NextPair frames are designed for Asian fit. Our nose bridges are raised at 10-15mm, with curved temples and an optimized frame angle. A pair of glasses that fit will give you a whole new experience.

All NextPair lenses are produced by an factory, providing you with the full range of aspheric lenses in high-index and functions. In addition, we offer an exclusive lens thinning service, to ease the weight of your lenses even more.

NextPair metal frames are made of beta-titanium. Far from your ordinary metal, Titanium is commonly used in aerospace and medical devices, lightweight and allergy-free.

Marks on your nose bridge every day are not normal, and you shouldn’t have to cope with them. Try a whole new experience with NextPair’s Asian fit, giving you 15 days of free try-ons to feel the difference for yourself.

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