Discover the Truth: Simple Ways to Test Polarized Sunglasses

Discover the Truth: Simple Ways to Test Polarized Sunglasses

Discover the Truth: Simple Ways to Test Polarized Sunglasses

How can you avoid sun damage to your eyes in the blazing summer heat? Maybe a glamorous pair of polarized sunglasses will do the trick. Whether you're driving, boating, skiing, or fishing, polarized sunglasses give your eyes the best protection by reducing glare and improving overall visual clarity. But how can you be sure that the sunglasses you have are polarized sunglasses? Let us introduce you to a few tips you can use.

  • LCD Screen Test

The easiest way will take you only a few seconds. Find a cell phone or computer near you and you can take this test right away. Place the sunglasses you want to test in front of you and make sure that you can see the screen through the lenses. Then rotate your glasses slowly in one direction. If the brightness of the monitor fluctuates so that you can no longer see the screen through your lenses at certain angles, then your sunglasses are most likely polarized. Isn't this interesting?

 functions of polarized sunglasses

  • Visual Test

If you don’t have an LCD screen at hand length, you can also take a simple test in any sunny environment. First, find a smooth and flat surface with a clear reflection, it may be a table, countertop, or even the sea. Take out your sunglasses and make sure the lenses are free of smudges and dirt. Hold them in front of you and look through the center of the lenses, focus your vision on the reflection.

Finally, slowly rotate the sunglasses in one direction while keeping the glare and reflection visible through the lenses. As you rotate, if the glare or reflection gets stronger or weaker at certain angles, your sunglasses are likely to be polarized.

testing sunglasses for polarization

Under normal circumstances, polarized sunglasses are known to produce different glare intensities as the angle of rotation changes. If you want to get a more accurate evaluation result, we recommend that you repeat the above test under different light conditions or on different surfaces.

If you have any other questions about polarized sunglasses, we welcome you to visit NextPair. We not only offer prescription and non-prescription eyewear, but we can also customize sunglasses with prescription lenses. Having a pair of polarized sunglasses that fit you will boost any trip this summer.

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