4 Reasons Why You Need High-Index Lenses

4 Reasons Why You Need High-Index Lenses

4 Reasons Why You Need High-Index Lenses

In today's digital era, good vision is more important than ever, and eyewear has become an essential part of daily life. With advancements in eyewear technology, high index lenses have emerged as an excellent solution for those in need of strong vision correction. In this article, we'll explore four key benefits of high index lenses, helping you determine whether they are the right choice for enhancing your visual experience.


What are high index lenses?

High index lenses, also known as ultra-thin lenses, are made from a specific type of plastic. This material and the manufacturing process allow light to be refracted uniquely within the lens, enabling stronger prescriptions to be accommodated in thinner lenses compared to other materials. As a result, these lenses are particularly suitable for individuals with high prescriptions, including those who are nearsighted or farsighted.

However, not everyone requires high index lenses. People with very low prescriptions may already have relatively thin lenses, regardless of the material used. Opting for high index lenses in such cases might add unnecessary cost without providing significant additional benefits.

High index lenses are lighter and thinner

4 Reasons to Consider High Index Lenses

If you're still undecided about choosing high index lenses, here are four compelling reasons to convince you that they are the right option for you:


If you find your glasses constantly heavy or prone to slipping off your nose, high index lenses should be your top choice. NextPair offers 1.67 high index lenses that address the issue of bulky glasses, reducing pressure on the nose bridge and ears, and providing a lightweight and comfortable experience. NextPair also provides 1.74 ultra-high index lenses. These lenses are not only thin and light but also maintain lens strength through the use of PRM super hardened coating, offering features like scratch resistance and drop protection.


Ideal for individuals with high myopia or hyperopia, NextPair has upgraded the lens materials to Japanese Mitsui MR resin. This material allows for a thickness reduction of up to half compared to regular lenses while achieving the same corrective effect, resulting in thinner and more transparent lenses.

3.Style Variety

If you value a wide selection of frame styles, high index lenses are an excellent choice. Apart from their thin and lightweight nature, most high index lenses feature an aspheric design, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and minimizing the magnified "bug-eye" appearance often associated with traditional lenses for high farsightedness. Consequently, you can choose from a diverse range of stylish frames without worrying about the thickness of your lenses conflicting with your preferred frames.

4.Improved Clarity

Individuals with high astigmatism often experience visual distortion in the peripheral areas of regular lenses, impacting their overall visual experience. High index lenses offer a superior solution by reducing edge blurring and distortion, allowing for a clearer and wider field of vision.

High-index lenses for high-strength prescriptions, including high myopia or hyperopia.


Whether you prioritize fashion and comfort or place importance on visual experience, high index lenses are worth considering. They provide significant advantages in terms of thinness, lightness, and visual performance. If you're eager to try high index lenses, why not consider NextPair? It will revolutionize your eyewear experience, offering both comfort and aesthetic beauty.

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