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Tailored to fit

Raised nose bridge designed at 12-13mm, so you don't have to constantly push up your frame. Further keeping a 10~12mm distance gives a clearer vision field. Curved temples that grip around your head just right.

  • Raised
  • Curved
  • Further
  • Everyday wear

    Transparent for everyday use.
  • Digital protection

    Fliters out the harmful blue-light from digital screens.
  • Light-adjusting

    Lenses that darken under UV rays.
  • Sunglasses

    Turn any frame into sunglasses.
  • Non-slip ear hooks for eyeglasses

    Adjustable ear grips with curved tips that can be customized to fit different glasses wearers. The new ear grip design allows the curved tip to be adjusted for a secure and comfortable fit unique to each wearer.
  • Anti-slip glasses sleeves

    The skin contacted by eyeglasses can sweat and produce oil, causing slippage. Anti-slip sleeves on the temple arms behind the ears are a common solution. They absorb sweat and oils where the glasses touch the skin for improved stability and comfort.
  • Nose pads for eyeglasses

    Nose pads crafted from elastic materials that are designed to fit Asian face shapes and profiles. The adjustable pads conform comfortably to the nose for eyeglass wearers with Asian facial features.
  • Eyeglasses nose supports

    Relieve pressure on the nose bridge from eyeglass weight, suitable for Asian facial features.

NextPair Factory Direct Sales

Retail prices for prescription glasses are usually 8 to 15 times the production value at the factory, that is the customer needs to cover the costs to Holdstock, retail costs, and add-ons... NextPair designs and selectsluxury-arade factories to manufacture eyeglasses without any middleman. So you can enjoy luxury quality eyewear at factory price.

Customer Reviews

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Eargrips are great!

Firm little silicone pad that keeps your glasses in place when you bend forward

Leon Liang

Get Free Accessories, ear grips, nose pads etc

Good value

Good value.

J. Lin
nice freebie

can’t complain. thanks

Terrence Le

Get Free Accessories, ear grips, nose pads etc