A Guide to Adjusting to New Glasses

A Guide to Adjusting to New Glasses

A Guide to Adjusting to New Glasses

When we have a new pair of eyeglasses, we may face some challenges and adjustments. To help you get used to your new glasses, this article gives you some common problems with wearing new glasses and ways to adapt.


Adjustment period after getting new glasses

Until your eyes adjust to them, you may feel that your new glasses don't correct your vision as well as your old ones, and may even experience varying degrees of discomfort.


  • Visual distortion: When you first start wearing your new glasses, different parts of the image may change slightly or slightly as you move around, and sometimes the edges may be curved.


  • Dizziness or Vertigo: Some people may experience dizziness or vertigo when wearing new eyeglasses. Feeling dizzy is more common when lens prescription changes, multifocal lens correction and astigmatism are involved.


  • Eye fatigue: When you first start wearing new eyeglasses, you may feel pressure, pain or fatigue in your eyes. This may be due to the eye muscles needing to adjust to the new lens prescription and adjusting the focal length.


It's normal for the brain and eyes to take time to adjust to the new images they are processing. So how long does it usually take to adapt to new glasses? The length of the acclimatization period varies from person to person, and a variety of factors such as age, lens type, and change in refractive error can cause additional difficulty. In most cases, the discomfort will resolve within the first week, while in some cases it may even take about a month.



How to solve problems with new glasses

Adjusting to new glasses takes time and patience. Here are some methods and tips to help you adjust to your new glasses more smoothly:


1.Gradually increase wearing time

At first, you can gradually increase the amount of time you wear your new glasses. For example, wear them for only a few hours a day at first, and then gradually increase the time you wear them. This way, your eyes and brain can gradually adjust to the new visual information provided by the new lens prescription. Avoid switching frequently between old and new glasses as this will prolong the adaptation period.


2.Avoid frequent focus adjustments

Frequent focus adjustments can cause eye fatigue and discomfort when you first start wearing new glasses. Try to avoid frequent changes in focus caused by looking away from home or turning your head quickly, and let your eyes gradually adjust to stable vision.


3.Rest your eyes

Giving your eyes plenty of time to rest is the key to adjusting to your new glasses. Rest your eyes regularly, especially after long hours of using electronic devices or doing close-up work. Eye massages and eye exercises can also help relieve eye fatigue.


4.Pay attention to depth perception

Depth perception may be affected when you get new glasses, especially if your prescription has changed significantly. Be extra careful when judging distances, especially when driving or engaging in activities that require precise depth perception.




Wearing new eyeglasses is an adjustment process, and allowing our eyes to gradually adapt to the new correction and lens design requires a lot of patience and time. To help you get used to your new glasses, NextPair offers a number of services and benefits.


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