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Glasses that actually fit

I'm pretty happy with the Everett glasses. As an asian man, I normally have to adjust the nosepads on any glasses to get them to stay in place, but these glasses stay put even without any adjustments.

The design is a little bit curvier than I had originally expected from the photos. It would have been helpful if the listing included a straight-on photo with the temples unfolded to give a better sense of how they would look in the mirror. But I think they're still decent looking.

I also would've preferred if the glasses came with a choice of nosepads - mine came with relatively stiff black nosepads which kind of match the frame (I picked a black frame), but I'm used to having transparent nosepads. And I imagine some might prefer softer nosepads, though these aren't uncomfortable.

best glasses i ever had

this pair of glasses makes me feel so cool and it has been with me to multiple countries. i have slept with it on in at the worst situations and it’s still going strong. plus, it’s way more affordable and fits better than the ones i’ve tried in other spectacle stores near me. i’ve used it for work too and the normal digital protection lens is sooo good as it doesn’t smudge/glare. i’ve also cried a number of times with this glasses on and it doesn’t even fog up LOL. could you please restock it as i have a new prescription 😭? thank you

It is what I need

Easy purchase, affordable, lightweight, comfortable lenses. Ideal for clear vision and all-day comfort.


It fits perfectly on my face and quality is also very good

Drew - limited today
Great deal

Good quality, super light weight. Very friendly to low nose bridge.

Nice lens with coating

Nice plastic lens with a coating on both surfaces.

Fanny-for new users
Bennett Fung
Nice sturdy frame with great finish

This frame is nice and strong, made of titanium so not heavy. There are lots of details you don't see in the photos. The frame material is thick (does not look thick) just feel sturdy and strong. There is an enamel detail at each corner of the glass. Compare to other wire type frame, this feel very good in the hand.

Rory in blush
Cute Tint Looks Like Real Blush

The Rory in blush frame comes with 14mm plastic nose pads and is made entirely of plastic except for the temple tips, hinges, and nose pads which are reinforced with metal (not titanium). It is held together by 4 phillips head screws. The hinges have 3 barrels that are not spring loaded, but the frame itself flexes a bit due to the TR90 material.
The arms do hurt my ears a bit and the frame does sometimes touch my cheeks very slightly, but the included yellow ear grips help with both of these issues a lot. They also help prevent the frame from sliding. I don't have any issues with my eyelashes touching the lenses.
The frame is solidly built with no rough edges, chips, cracks, warping or paint defects.

The lenses are aspheric and have no visual distortion along the edges.
The prescription is correct and does not cause headaches or eyestrain.
The pink tint is very subtle and does not cause much noticable color distortion, but it is enough to help a bit with light sensitivity. I think the tint helps prevent a bit of glare so everything looks more clear than if there was no tint. Great for computer use but the tint is not strong enough to function as sunglasses. The blush lenses do not seem to have an anti reflective coating as there is more front and back glare in comparison to the normal lenses.
The frame with my particular lenses weigh 26 grams in total.

My glasses were delivered 3 weeks after the order date with no damage via standard shipping.

Yunjie Gao

This pair of glasses soooo beautiful, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.Highly recommend !

Yunyun Li

Very good, light, comfortable!

High prescription? Don’t Skip!

Don’t skip this when completing your order, it makes a big different. I have -8 and -7 and it was much needed so people don’t truly see how blind I am I’d they view my side profile.

At laaaaaassssstttttt!

I’ve been trying to find this style of sunglasses to not rest on my cheeks for the past many years. I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THEM. I am so happy!

Good fit but….

Great fit but the metal on the temple arms are rusting? Only been wearing for about 2 weeks.

Very Satisfied

Great pair of glasses. The frames are comfortable with flexible arms and the nose pads keep them up and level. Didn't need any adjusting when they arrived. The lenses are clear and the correct prescription. I've been using them everyday since they've arrived. I think next time I would pay the extra money to get the ultra thin lenses. Very happy with my purchase.

Asher is an amazing fit!

I ordered The Asher. I don’t know how you did it, but the fit is incredible! Even better than optometrist fitted glasses! They are so light weight and the folding feature is so cool and convenient! I just ordered a second pair with transition lenses for driving!

Juliet-for new users
Idea Rabbit
Light weight, affordable and stylish!

Love my first pair of Next Pair glasses! I ordered it with 1.67 thin lens which is an extra $46, but super worth it! The entire thing is so light! The order also comes with freebies, such as a unique box-shaped glasses case, 2 lens cleaner, some pads and clip-on sunglasses! As advertised 'glasses for Asians', it got me interested as my other glasses I wear keep sliding down and my cheeks rub the lens and get dirty. But no more! I love them!

Ember-for new users
A++ for low/no bridge!!

The fit is immaculate! Im Asian, and this is the first time Ive ordered low bridge specific frames, best fit Ive had in a very long time! Super lightweight, and I love the magnetic sun lens! Be aware, there is a tiny ledge on the nose piece of the magnetic sun lens, so you need to slide them down over the actual glasses rather than snapping on.

Eargrips are great!

Firm little silicone pad that keeps your glasses in place when you bend forward

Great lenses!

Great quality! No issue with the prescription!

High quality and perfect fit

These glasses fit my face amazingly well! It is super comfortable and I see perfectly even though my eye prescription is -5.25 and -6.50 with astigmatism.

The price is very, very reasonable and I will definitely order from NextPair again!

Joy Zhang
Very perfect!

Fit my face so much!!!

Light weight

These frames are great! They are light weight and stylish. I like how they are further from the face so it doesn’t smudge easily.

It could be better

I highly recommended the silicon temple end tips instead of the plastic. Silicon tips could prevent frame slipping. The frame with my current silicon tips are perfect


Glasses sit well on my face and I have had many compliments. Only thing I changed is the nose pads, to silicone ones.

So darn stylish!

I have a strong prescription and I was a bit worried about the lens thickness before ordering, but MAN these are so darn stylish!! Terrific fit and portability, love them so much!

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