Everything You Need to Know About TR90 Eyeglasses

Everything You Need to Know About TR90 Eyeglasses

Everything You Need to Know About TR90 Eyeglasses

Eyewear serves not only as a vision correction tool but also as a fashionable accessory. Among the innovative and durable materials for eyewear, TR90 frames have gained popularity among a wide range of people. In this article, we will explore the features, advantages, and suitable scenarios for TR90 frames, helping you make an informed decision when choosing eyeglasses.

What is TR90?

TR-90 is a polymer material with memory, recognized as one of the most popular ultra-light frame materials worldwide. Its full name is "Grilamid TR90," originally developed by Swiss company EMS. Due to its lightweight, wear-resistant, elastic, and bend-resistant properties, TR90 frames have found extensive application in the optical field.

 TR90 frames are durable, drop-resistant, flexible and pliable.

Advantages of TR90 frames

If you're still unsure about choosing TR90 frames, let's delve into some compelling reasons why they are the ideal choice for you.


TR90 material has a density of about 1.14-1.15 kilograms per cubic meter, making it only 85% of the weight of ordinary nylon glasses. This lightweight nature significantly reduces the burden on your nose and ears, making it especially suitable for teenagers.

2.Impact resistance

TR90 frames exhibit excellent elasticity and toughness, making them resistant to bending and deformation caused by external forces. They are less prone to breakage, providing effective protection for your eyes during sports activities. If you enjoy outdoor sports, TR90 frames offer enhanced eye protection, allowing you to fully enjoy your activities.

3.High temperature resistance

TR90 frames have been tested for plastic tensile strength and can withstand high temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius for short durations. This high heat resistance enables you to use the glasses in extreme environments without worrying about frame damage due to temperature. 

4.Safety and anti-allergic

TR90 material is free from chemical residue, meeting European requirements for food-grade materials and posing no harm to the human body. If you have allergies to wearing metal materials, TR90 frames provide a comfortable and safe alternative.

5.Vibrant colors

NextPair's TR90 frames stand out from other brands by employing a unique production method. Instead of using spray paint, NextPair uses a liquid base evenly mixed with a colorant, which is then hydroformed to create the frames. This method ensures long-lasting, vibrant, and bright colors that resist oxidative yellowing or fading.

 TR90 material frames are safe and non-toxic and meet the requirements of food-grade materials


TR90 frames have become an essential choice for modern individuals due to their lightweight comfort, durability, impact resistance, flexibility, and stylish appearance. Whether you prioritize comfort or style, TR90 eyeglasses have you covered. For eyeglasses that provide optimal care and protection for your eyes, consider choosing TR90 frames from NextPair.


  • RE YOUR # 4.Safety and anti-allergic . BUT… they are NOT HYPO-ALLERGENIC
    Some people are allergic to synthetics. If you have allergies to both metals & synthetics, what are you suppose to do? I now have two sores on my nose, as well as sores behind both ears, that never heal because I’m allergic to both types of frame materials.

    Someone needs to come up with something for people with sensitivities. Not sure what that would be…….Wood? Bamboo? Don’t know..— have never worn either on .but there has to be a solution.
    whatever it is, it should be readily available to all —both luxury (high-end) and value oriented (inexpensive)( consumers/markets.

    RICRAC on

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