Didn't Get Your PD? No Worries, Get It Here

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Didn't Get Your PD? No Worries, Get It Here

Did you know that 85% of US prescriptions do not provide you with a pupillary distance (PD) measurement but your PD measurement is also essential for fitting your glasses?We now have a online solution that saves you the second trip to the clinic.

A few FAQs to make your life a bit easier.

  • What does this tool measure?

While you can get your prescription easily from an eye test, 85% of US prescriptions are missing the pupillary distance (PD information).

Therefore, this tool is designed to complement your prescription and allow you to measure your PD easily from the comfort of your couch.

  • Who can use this tool?

This tool is designed for individuals aged 18 or over, who do not have eye conditions or illnesses.

  • How accurate is the measurement?

This tool has been clinically tested and proven to be as accurate as standard acceptable PD meters, within +/- 1mm.

Try now – Measure Your PD

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