How to use EyeQue vision check

First, you will find a vision check device, elastic band, charging cable,eyeque PDcheck, Product manual, and your unique activation serial number in the box.

To start using your vision check, launch the eyeque vision check app, register, and enter your serial activation number on the box to gain access. You will be prompted to complete a round of practice sessions the first time you use the vision check. The “practice session” consists of only two measurements per eye and will help you get familiar with the test process.

Remove your vision check device from the box. remove the protective cover on the base of the device before testing. On the vision check device, you will find three touch sensors, a power button, and a charging port.

To pair the device, make sure your Bluetooth setting is “ON”.Press and hold the “power” button for 5 seconds, a blinking blue light indicates it is ready for pairing. Select “SCAN” to find your vision check device. Next, attach the vision check device to your smartphone within the dotted lines.

The micro suction tape on the base of the device will prevent it from sliding. The eyeque logo should be facing downwards and the touch sensors should be facing the top of your phone.

Secure the device using the elastic band. Answer the two questions on the screen and tap continue, once you are ready to get started, hold your phone at a comfortable distance like holding a book, and slowly move the device towards your right eye, stopping when the soft silicone eye cup touches your eye.

You should see the letters “R1” in the middle of the screen and two lines, red and green. Indicating this is your right eye’s first measurement. When you can see the two lines clearly, open and relax your non-testing eye, and focus on an object at least 6 feet away. Now, use the first two touch sensors on top of your device. move the lines closer until they overlap fully into one solid yellow line. As you tap the touch sensor, you should feel a gentle vibration. To move, the lines faster, touch and hold the touch sensor. Once you are satisfied that the lines are overlapped into one solid yellow line, tap and hold touch sensor #3 for two seconds, and the screen will show “R2” and the lines at a rotated angle. Use touch sensor #1 and #2 to move the lines until they overlap into one solid yellow line. Once you’ve completed all 9 measurements on your right eye you will be prompted to switch to your left eye. Continue taking the left eye measurements in the same way you did for the right eye until all 9 measurements are completed.