The EyeQue Vision Check device

EyeQue VisionCheck is an MIT-patented award-winning smartphone vision test in one convenient kit, trusted by over 35,000 users. Test your vision in real time with this device and your smartphone, and get your latest EyeGlassNumbers without leaving your home.

NextPair works together with EyeQue to create better and more convenient eyecare solutions. If you don’t have your latest prescription on hand, select ‘Test with EyeQue’ when ordering, and we will send you a device to measure your EGNs at home.

Once you have finished measuring and completed your order, you can choose to return your device to us; or use your device to measure for a friend or family member to make an order (don't forget to ask them to leave your order number in ‘special requests’!), then keep the EyeQue free of charge.

[How to use EyeQue VisionCheck]

In the box, you will find 1 vision check device, 1 elastic band, 1 charging cable, 1 PDcheck frame, and 1 product manual.

Step 1 – Download and launch the EyeQue VisionCheck app and register an account. 

Step 2 – Pair your device with your phone. Turn on the Bluetooth setting on your phone, press and hold the ‘power’ button on the device until the button blinks in blue, indicating the device is ready to pair. Find the device on your phone and connect, and follow the instructions prompted on your smartphone to start your eye test.

Step 3 - Attach the vision check device to your smartphone, and make sure that the device is placed within the dotted lines, and that the buttons are faced upwards. Secure the device using the elastic band.

Step 4 –Place your right eye in the silicon cup so you can see two lines clearly. Relax your other eye, without closing. Use the two touch sensors on the device to move the lines closer until they fully overlap, and press on the ‘power’ button to confirm, when you will feel a gentle vibration. You will make 9 measurements for one eye., then repeat step 4 with your left eye.

Step 6 – You may be prompted to make 3 measurements for accuracy. Then you can choose to test further, or to EXIT and view your EGNs.

Step 7 – Send a screenshot of your EGNs to, or to our WeChat 24h customer service ‘nextpair2020’ so we can link your order.

Congrats! We will start processing your order and send you a shipping label to return your device to. If you would like to keep your device, simply share with a friend or family member to make an order. Don’t forget to ask them to leave your order number in ‘special requests’ so we know who you are!