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Next Pair Eyewear – This Seattle Startup is Everything But Ordinary.

A new collaboration in Seattle hopes to elevate and innovate the eyewear shopping experience. Introducing Next Pair Eyewear.

When shopping for eyewear – corrective, protective, or sunwear – the founders of Next Pair believe consumers want comfortable, affordable, high-quality eyeglasses from an easy and intuitive online shopping experience. For your first pair or your Next Pair, if you are accessorizing and showing off your unique style during repeated “work-from-home” online meetings, check out Next Pair.

Originating from Seattle, Washington, Next Pair’s leadership is guided by over 15 years of industry experience and by their own preferences as consumers of corrective eyewear. Because buyers shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for the price tag, at Next Pair all frames are free, you only pay for lenses. Next Pair wants you to shop with confidence by offering a 30-day “try on” and free returns – no risk, all rewards. Committed to supporting the local community, a portion of proceeds from all Next Pair purchases are going towards providing PPE to the front-line workers at UW Medicine.


Next Pair sources high-quality materials from selected luxury-brand factories worldwide and manufactures all custom-designed glasses on German machines. Next Pair’s standards are 50% higher than required by FDA for prescriptions. Each pair of Next Pair eyewear is produced and inspected individually. Next Pair lenses feature 100% UV protection with anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and smudge-proof coating. Next Pair offers a lifetime warranty on all glasses.


Next Pair’s direct to consumer model allows for lower pricing without sacrificing quality. Next Pair’s eyeglasses are sent straight to the consumer from the factory, without the additional costs or profits of any retailer in the middle. Next Pair’s flat-rate pricing of FREE FRAMES and low-cost single vision or multifocal lenses ensures affordable value is shipped directly to consumers. Next Pair also works with most vision insurance providers and is an eligible expense for flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA.)


In-house design teams have created several collections including the throwback “Retro Collection” inspired by vintage elements from the 80’s and redesigned for perfect integration of practicality and personality. Names of frames conjure a connection to personality traits – Amari, Reese, Bowie, Nevada, and Noel. Their line of “protective” eyewear isn’t for construction workers or landscapers, they are designed for the tech industry – protecting the eyes of engineers and innovators from long hours of computer screen glare, blocking the harmful blue light and radiation coming from digital screens, soothes digital eye strain, and protects your vision. The “Eco Collection” is made with a more sustainable acetate with twenty times less Benzoyl and sturdier with a polished finish. After all, environment is an important social responsibility Next Pair shares.


Next Pair is an e-commerce eyewear company and believes ordering should be simple. Using the in-depth diagrammed sizing guide, you can choose a frame style that will fit your facial features. Next, choose a color, select single vision or multifocal, add lens treatments to filter light or darken under UV rays, or turn any frame into sunglasses. You can easily measure your pupillary distance and upload that with your prescription, process payment, and your Next Pair will arrive in about 7 days – or you can choose priority shipping if you need them even faster.  The result is luxury eyewear at an affordable price – something Next Pair’s founders have worked so hard to achieve. At a time of uncertainty, Next Pair is offering their buyers a little extra peace of mind.

For any questions, please feel free to contact hi@nextpair.com.

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