How to remove scratches from glasses

How to remove scratches from glasses

How to remove scratches from glasses

Pick up your glasses, hold them up to the light, and take a closer look - have the lenses developed some tiny scratches? This is your scratched glasses asking for help! If you are therefore on the fence about getting new ones, take a look at these simple and practical tips for repairing your glasses before you decide.

Common mistakes that people make when cleaning their glasses

  • Using abrasive materials

We find that when most people find a stain on their glasses, they just grab a rag or paper towel or even the corner of their coat and start wiping at the stain. This is a big mistake, because there are specific fabrics that you should use to clean your glasses, and you should only use microfibre cloths. Whether paper towels, clothing, or other fabrics, they can be very abrasive to your glasses.

  • Using household cleaners

You should not choose chemicals with acetone or acidic ingredients, which can corrode the frames and damage the lenses.

  • Using too much pressure

We understand how you may feel when you see dirty or smudged glasses, but please don't let this out into the process of cleaning them. Gently wiping your glasses is the only real solution.

  • Not rinsing off debris

Yes, some people don't clean their glasses even when they notice the presence of dust stains on them. It is essential to rinse off any residue that is attached to your glasses with water.

While it's true that there are many things to consider when maintaining your glasses, we have to believe that good habits are the start of a lifetime of benefits, especially for your wallet.

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Causes of Scratches on Glasses

You must be thinking: I'm already taking care of these things in my daily life, but why do they still get damaged?

It's easy to get caught in the middle of life. For example, if you have an unexpected situation, your glasses may slip off due to violent running; if you want to play skateboarding or basketball for a while, you may throw your glasses away; If you're too tired after work, you may put your glasses under your pillow, causing them to rub against your body and become damaged. In these cases, your glasses are likely to be damaged.

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After understanding the causes of scratches, it is natural to discuss with you ways to solve the problem of scratches.

 Methods to Remove Scratches from Glasses

Baking Soda Method

Before repairing, find your usual baking soda, a spoon, a glass bowl, and clean water. Baking soda is a magic powder when it comes to fixing scratches on glasses.

Take two tablespoons of baking soda and put it into a sock in a bowl. Gradually add a little water and stir, stopping to stir when it becomes a thick paste.

  1. Find the scratched area and apply the paste to it, swirling it gently in a clockwise direction with a handkerchief for about 20 seconds.
  2. Rinse off the remaining adherent with cold water.
  3. Take out another clean handkerchief and wipe the water stain off the glasses.
  4. Check to see if the scratches persist and if there are still slight marks, try repeating the above procedure.

Toothpaste Method

Not just any toothpaste can be considered a good remedy for glasses. You don't need to care about the price, because it's the texture that counts: always use non-abrasive and non-gel toothpaste. If you can't distinguish between the various types of toothpaste, then don't risk using one to try and fix it.

  1. Take a green pea-sized amount of toothpaste and apply it to the damage to your glasses.
  2. Stop by rubbing gently in a circular motion with a handkerchief for about 10 seconds.
  3. Rinse the residue of the reagent with clean, cold water.
  4. Check the spectacle repair carefully.

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Commercial Scratch-Removal Products

Probably the most mentioned commercial scratch-removal product is glass etching paste. In theory, this is a possible solution, but it is dangerous as it removes not only the scratches but also the anti-glare coating from the lenses.

  1. Leave the glass etching paste on the worn area for 5 minutes or less, do not exceed the time limit!
  2. Do not rub the lenses with any tools, but rinse them directly under running water.
  3. Absorb any residual water with a soft handkerchief.
  4. Check the integrity of the glasses.

Tips for Preventing Scratched Glasses

  1. Place your glasses with the lenses facing upwards, otherwise the dust and particles on the lenses will wear them out and it is a good idea to put them back in their case when not in use.
  2. Make sure you clean your glasses at least twice a week, and always use a neutral cleaner.
  3. Buy glasses with a scratch-resistant coating to prolong the life of your glasses.
  4. Take your glasses to a professional regularly for inspection and maintenance.

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How to Fix Scratched Glasses for Good

It is difficult to fix scratched glass lenses, but once they are repaired, the light transmission and refractive index will be reduced, which will affect the wearer's performance. In any case, if you can afford it, a new pair of lenses is the best solution. Here we would like to sincerely introduce you to NextPair. All lenses are produced in our in-house factory, where we offer a range of high index and functional lenses, to fit better the needs of stronger prescriptions. We tailor each pair according to each order, and ship straight from the factory, without the costs of any middleman, to ensure that you pay only for the product you receive.

Eyewear is a great companion to the clear vision you have and one that needs to be loved and cared for by you. Don't even think about trying to fix them with sunscreen, wax, alcohol, or other strange ways in your daily life, taking good care of your glasses is the best way to fix scratches!

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