How to put lens back in glasses

How to put lens back in glasses

How to put lens back in glasses

Prescription glasses have become essential for achieving a clear vision in contemporary society. However, wearers sometimes experience loose lenses that slip out of place, does that mean it's time to buy a new pair of glasses? The answer is: no! In most cases, the lenses can easily be put back into the glasses, but this requires some skill. In this article, we will provide you with some instructions on how to put the lenses back in your glasses.

The method of putting back the lenses varies depending on the frame type

Plastic Frame

If there are no broken or torn parts in the frame, the lenses of a plastic frame are the easiest to put back and can be recovered by attempting the following steps:

  1. Attempt to slide the temporal side of the lens into the frame with your hand first.
  2. Try to press the lens on the nose side into the frame again, using a little force at this point.
  3. Finally try to press the edge of the lens near the lower nose back into the frame with your thumb.
  4. Double-check that the lenses are completely back in the frame.
  5. If the lens is still loose in the frame, try repeating the above steps.

 lens back into plastic glasses frame

Metal Frame

When repairing lenses for metal frames, you need to have screwdrivers of various sizes, small screws, and small tweezers at your side. It would be good to have an eyeglass repair kit.

  1. First adjust the finger holding the screwdriver to an edge lock close to the surface of the lens. This gesture will ensure that even if the screwdriver slips, the surface of the lens will not be scratched.
  2. Check the tightness of the screws that hold the lenses in place. If the screws have all fallen out, you can use tweezers to lightly place them in the holes without tightening them at this point. If they are still tightly screwed in the holes, loosen them a little.
  3. Place the lenses back into the grooves of the frame, making sure they fit perfectly.
  4. Hold the frame firmly with one hand and slowly tighten the screws with the other hand and finish the repair.

 fix metal glasses frame

Semi-rimless Frame

It can be responsibly said that semi-rimless lens restoration is one of the most troublesome types. Before you start the repair you need to find the metal wire at the bottom of the rimless section, usually made of clear nylon or other lightweight material, to hold the lens in place. You will also need to have a thin, tear-resistant plastic strap.

  1. First find the notch in the clear line at the top of the frame and place the lens in it.
  2. Hold it firmly in place and feed the anti-tear plastic strip between the clear line and the lens.
  3. Fold the plastic strip over the clear line and gently pull it down. Use the plastic strip to pull the clear line into the groove at the bottom of the lens so that they fit snugly. The whole process is carried out slowly along the bottom until the transparent wire returns to its original position.
  4. Finally, to pull out the plastic strip, you need to move it to the center of the transparent wire first, then use your thumb to hold the transparent wire in place and pull out the plastic strip slowly with your other hand.

Nylon or Semi-rimless frame glasses

Rimless Frame

Be careful when you find that the lens has slipped out of the rimless spectacles, likely, a nut or a part holding the lens in place will also fall out with it.

  1. If the screws and nuts are missing, we suggest you should see a Professional.
  2. If you can find the nut, you can put it back in place and fix it with tweezers.
  3. If only the nut is missing, you need to find a sheet of plastic that is on the stiff side, cut it to a height and width of 5 mm, and use scissors to then drill a small hole in the middle of the plastic sheet. Then place the plastic sheet over the screw, turn it towards the lens, and finally just use a little glue to lock the plastic sheet in place.

rimless eyeglass frame

Tips for putting the lens back in glasses

Be gentle: Handle damaged parts of your glasses gently to avoid injury.

Check the lens position: After repairing your glasses, try them on and if you feel there is a problem with the lens, you can adjust the position or seek professional help.

Handle the lens with care: Lenses and frames are usually made of fragile materials and excessive force can cause them to break or deform.

Avoid using solvents: Do not use liquid reagents to repair your glasses, except when professionally instructed to do so, to avoid corrosion of the lenses and frames by solvents.


In short, putting the lenses back into the frame requires a certain amount of skill and patience. Only by reading the above carefully and proceeding with care can we ensure that the lenses are fitted correctly. However, if you are not very confident in your hands-on skills, it is also wise to go to a professional to fix the problem with your glasses.


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