Asian Fit vs Standard Fit – the differences

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Asian Fit vs Standard Fit – the differences

All glasses frames look the same on the shelf. But when you try them on, sometimes they slide down your face, or don’t fit well around your head. This is due to the different fittings they are designed in.

In this article, we will explain how Asian and Standard or Universal  fit are different, as well as how to choose between the two.

What is the difference between Asian Fit and standard fit?

Standard fit glasses are those on the next-door brick and mortar shelf in Europe and North America, even some in Asia. They are designed for a Caucasian face, oval faces, and lower cheekbones, where the bridge fit is wider to sit on the sides of a high-nose bridge, and the temples will sit well around a deeper head.

For those who find themselves constantly pushing up their frame, the more comfortable alternative is Asian fit, created to fit well for those with a low-nose bridge, and rounder head.

Asian fit is designed with an elevated or sometimes adjustable nose pad to sit well on (and not slide down) your nose, with curved temples to hug your head rather than squeeze your ears, and with an optimized angle to make sure your frame is always just the right distance away from your eyes.

The difference is not only in the frame. At NextPair, we offer higher-refractive index lenses so that a strong prescription doesn’t mean a thick lens, combined with our exclusive lens-thinning technology to make -6.00D look like -4.00D.

Is Asian Fit for me?

You might be wondering if Asian fit is worth a try.

In a simple answer,if you:

  • constantly find yourself pushing up your glasses frame
  • feel your cheeks touch your glasses frame when you smile or eat

Then you would probably feel more comfortable in a pair of Asian fit glasses.

Don’t worry if it’s your first try, we’re so sure that we offer a 15 day free try on with prescription for all NextPair lenses.

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